• West Bay Dohamodeled with PTV Vissim

    West Bay Doha
    modeled with PTV Vissim

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Project title:
Modelling of the northern part of West Bay in Doha, Qatar

Contracting authority:
Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP)

Branch/sector: Public Authority
Contractor: Atkins
Project duration: 3 months

Project description:
PTV Vissim was used to model the northern part of West Bay in Doha as part of a Public Realm Enhancement scheme which involved re-engineering of a large part of the road network. The model was built to reflect the first iteration of the road network design, using origin-destination matrices taken from Qatar’s PTV Visum model and loaded into PTV Vissim using the dynamic assignment module. Through a combination of monitoring network operations and analyzing the Level of Service (LoS) from the model output, the network was refined and retested. Through this iterative process, a final proposed network was developed which achieved a balance between the needs of all users - from car drivers to pedestrians.

Software & modules used: PTV Vissim & dynamic assignment module
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