Increase road safety with PTV Visum Safety

With 1.24 million traffic fatalities per year, road crashes are among the most frequent causes of death worldwide. This according to figures from the United Nations (UN). Many countries have therefore taken on the task of improving traffic safety. Their goal: Vision Zero – the number of fatal road crashes should be reduced to zero in the long term.

PTV Visum Safety is the tool for analysing crash data. Now it is possible to integrate aspects of traffic safety into strategic traffic planning decisions from the very beginning. The software clearly visualises the crash data collected by the police and identifies black spots and high-risk sections. Detailed information about each individual crash allow users to find similarities and contributing factors to draw conclusions about causes and develop, plan and optimise effective and cost-efficient mitigation measures.

Infographic: A systematic approach to road safety

Our commitment in the European Road Safety Charter

The European Road Safety Charter, led by the European Commission, is the largest civil society platform on road safety. Next to more than 2,300 signatories from public and private entities, also the PTV Group joined the road safety community in order to proactively implement measures helping to reduce road fatalities.

Specifically, the Charter aims to:

  • encourage and support European associations, schools, universities, companies of all types and sizes, and local authorities to take actions for road safety in Europe
  • acknowledge contributions by civil society to road safety
  • facilitate civil society members in acquiring and sharing knowledge on road safety issues in the European Union
  • facilitate true dialogue for the transfer of road safety experiences and practices at all levels of governance in the European Union

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