Whether public authorities, consulting or research – worldwide, PTV Vissim is used by more than 12,000 users for microscopic traffic simulation. Join the community and model all modes of transport and their interactions, integrated into a single tool. Dedicated motion models for motorised traffic, bicycles and pedestrians make a valid assessment and a realistic representation of all traffic-related aspects possible.

Maximum accuracy to detail

Achieve the maximum accuracy to detail with PTV Vissim. With our links and connectors concept, you can map your network in detail and model different geometries – from a standard node to complex intersections. The inclusion of scientific behavioural models such as Prof. R. Wiedemann's car following model, or the Social Force Model for pedestrians, also ensure realistic behaviour of all road users within the existing and planned infrastructure.

Virtual testing of autonomous vehicles

Apply PTV Vissim, the world’s leading multimodal microscopic simulation software, for the evaluation of the behaviour of any level of automated vehicles as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to field testing. The capability of the software to model all modes of transport and their interactions integrated in a single tool allows users not only to test the dynamics of automated vehicles but also to convey a valid assessment of all traffic-related aspects.

Ease-of-use & productivity

Build your model effectively in PTV Vissim: take advantage of the various interfaces (COM, DriverModel, DrivingSimulator, SignalControl, Emission, ANM) to import, for example, existing networks from PTV Visum or other strategic transport models and to connect external signal controllers (for example Siemens TL, Lisa+, VS-Plus, SCOOT, SCATS, RBC and others) or to transfer emissions data in order to conduct detailed analyses by means of simulation. The graphical user interface with flexibly dockable windows, 2D and 3D network windows, editors with many features for efficiently creating and editing network objects and their attributes, as well as numerous options for outputting results, all ensure ideal user-friendliness.

Flexibility & integration capacity

Opt for a planning tool that can be customised to suit your needs. The generic COM interface allows you to interact with external applications. Settings for driver and vehicle properties at different levels, for traffic demand and for public transport timetables help you to flexibly expand your microscopic planning tool into a stable test environment. As part of the PTV Vision Traffic Suite, you can seamlessly connect the simulation software to other PTV software solutions.

Scientific approach

Rely on a software package that is based on decades of intensive research and close networking with customers and continuous development. You will have access to a stable simulation tool that always incorporates the latest findings from research and practice and that sets new standards.

Visualisation in 2D and 3D

Switch perspective with a click of the mouse in PTV Vissim and impressively display your analysis results: assist in public decision-making processes with detailed reports, 2D animations and stunning 3D visualisations. Make complex traffic situations appealing and understandable to all.

Strong customer service

Become part of a large international community of users and take advantage of a competent support team, professional customer service, comprehensive documentation, an extensive training programme as well as users group meetings and workshops for an intensive exchange of knowledge and constant dialogue.