Traffic-adaptive network control with PTV Balance

Short delays, moderate travel times, fewer emissions, reduced noise. There are plenty of reasons to optimise traffic lights in inner cities; yet there is only one way to handle node capacity in a way that is sensitive to demand: by implementing a traffic-adaptive control system.

PTV Balance is the ideal software tool for traffic-adaptive network control. Unlike a fixed time control system (which always runs its program in the same way regardless of the actual traffic situation), traffic-adaptive control reacts to what's happening on the roads and can efficiently utilise the capacity of the nodes. As a model-based control system, PTV Balance goes one step further by automatically designing a range of control options that can be evaluated using a model, before being applied in the field. That means the best control option always gets a green light - even over multiple nodes.

The internal traffic model is evaluated via a custom performance index. This performance index represents the weighted sum of all stops, waiting periods and blocking backs. The traffic engineer can adjust the weighting for each signal group.

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