Traffic engineering by PTV: Considers all relevant traffic impacts

Intelligent junction design thanks to traffic engineering by PTV

Traffic engineering is a discipline within traffic planning that assures the efficient movement of people and goods on roads while considering all relevant traffic impacts. PTV traffic engineering focuses on traffic impact analysis, junction geometry and traffic signal optimisation. Typical use cases of our traffic engineering software are: comparison of alternative planning variants, economic viability, environmental and safety impacts as well as urban compatibility.

Traffic engineering software by PTV: Individual solutions for traffic impact analyses

Traffic engineering with PTV Vistro, PTV Vissim or PTV Visum:

PTV Vistro is a tool that evaluates development impacts and seamlessly manages multiple scenarios and signal timing within a single software solution.

PTV Vissim simulates different junction geometries and their environmental impact and urban compatibility. It is therefore ideal for traffic engineering tasks. It is also a comprehensive tool for microscopic traffic simulation.

PTV Visum provides a detailed analysis of intersections and allows precise modelling of junction control. The software is also a common solution for all macroscopic traffic planning tasks.


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