Traffic impact assessment with PTV Vistro

How do you conduct traffic studies, evaluate new development impacts, and time your signals all at once? PTV Vistro is the all-in-one solution for all of your traffic analysis needs. With PTV Vistro, you can analyse traffic operations, evaluate new development impacts, and optimise signal timing. It can be used to analyse an intersection, a corridor, or an entire network.

PTV Vistro was developed specifically for traffic analysis and assists transportation planners and traffic engineers with their projects. It provides quick and easy network setup, efficient data entry, and automated report generation, saving time and money.

Bing maps, drag & drop graphics, and intersection templates facilitate efficient network construction. In addition, a workflow panel guides users efficiently  through the various stages of the project and provides signal timing optimisation at the push of a button. The integrated scenario management allows the user to evaluate and compare alternatives all within a single project.

PTV Vistro offers a selection of industry-standard analysis methodologies, such as the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 2010 and HCM 2000. PTV Vistro displays results for volume-to-capacity, level of service (LOS) and delays instantaneously – as both a table and graphically in the network window. User-friendly reporting functions make generating report-ready tables and figures quick and easy.

The software is also attractive as an additional tool for users of PTV Visum and PTV Vissim: the integration into the Vision Traffic Suite allows the importing of PTV Visum models into PTV Vistro and exporting of PTV Vistro models out to PTV Visum or PTV Vissim, providing the connection between the strategic planning level and the detailed operations level. Users can combine their software tools as needed in a modular fashion, depending on the task at hand.