Traffic planning with Vision Traffic Software Suite for efficient traffic modelling

Transport planning

Transport master plan

Transport master plans provide forecasts on future travel supply and demand, enabling planners to develop long-term measures for the transport sector and ensure constant and efficient movement of people and goods.

PTV Visum

  • Import PrT and PuT networks from several sources
  • Calculate demand models and perform reliable prognosis

Construction and development of roads

One of the major tasks of transport planning is the targeted extension and upgrade of networks. There the focus is laid on capacity as well as on minimal impact on residents and the environment. Classical examples are the construction of city bypasses and motorway upgrades.

PTV Visum

  • realistically model an situation or reference case
  • create a data basis for economic analyses...

PTV Vissim

  • analyze traffic flow for infrastructure
  • analyze traffic control / traffic management variants

Plan and optimize mass attendee events

PTV Viswalk is the ideal solution for all those who take the needs of pedestrians into account in their projects or studies.

PTV Viswalk

  • Space optimization and capacity planning
  • Evacuation analysis

Development planning

Development planning typically involves creating a concept for effective vehicle or pedestrian entry. Forecasts and expected traffic volume form the basis for conceptual development planning. The aims: optimally connect the new area to the existing transport network, ensure an optimal interplay between private and public transport, plan pedestrian ways.

PTV Visum

  • model based forecast of supply and demand
  • Prepare analyses of economic viability and environmental impact…

PTV Vissim

  • model the effects of urban development concepts.
  • evaluate different urban development concepts...

PTV Vistro

  • Evaluate the impacts of proposed future developments on the transportation network for small and medium sized networks

Bottelneck analysis

Bottleneck analysis show capacity bottlenecks in transport networks and thus the need for an extension of the road infrastructure or for building new roads. It also can investigate the impact of construction sites on traffic, e.g. on freeways and to quantify detour traffic. Bottleneck analysis can also be applied for pedestrians.

PTV Visum

  • localize capacity bottlenecks in a transport network
  • quantify the detour traffic caused by bottlenecks

PTV Vissim

  • model queue lengths and delays
  • analyze measures to eliminate bottlenecks

Toll system planning

Private roads are usually financed through toll. This requires an optimal estimation of costs and income for a long time period. In addition the impact of a toll system on traffic behavior and traffic prognoses for longer time periods are important factors.

PTV Visum

  • plan toll roads and depict their impact on traffic behavior
  • account for changes of route choice in assignment...

PTV Vissim

  • infrastructure variants
  • toll fee algorithms...