Traffic planning with Vision Traffic Software Suite for efficient traffic modelling

Traffic analysis

Corridor Studies

Corridor Studies identify transportation services desired, determines competing demands, and integrates the findings into a common vision for the entire transportation system.

PTV Vistro

  • Re-design facilities
  • Identify proper traffic control devices

Conduct Traffic Impact Analyses (TIA)

Traffic Impact Analyses help you to understand traffic impacts coming from new roads, additional demands or traffic signals. Traffic Impact Analyses are becoming more common as a planning tool to fore-see demands on the transportation network and to mitigate any negative impacts.

PTV Vistro

  • Trip generation, distribution and assignment of traffic development
  • Multiple scenario management

PTV Optima

  • Use this software to compare different traffic strategies

Parking and parking facilities

The search for parking space and different parking maneuvers characterize urban traffic flow, both on the streets and in car parks.

PTV Vissim

  • Simulate the search for parking space the size of parking lots and their effects on parking operations