• Vancouver Winter Olympicsmodeled with PTV Visum

    Vancouver Winter Olympics
    modeled with PTV Visum

Vanoc: Vancouver Winter Olympics

Project title:
Vancouver Winter Olympics

Contracting Authority:
Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC)

Contractor: PTV America, Inc. (PTV Group)
Project duration:
4 months

Project description:
Multi-modal modeling was completed for Public Transport, Vehicles, and Pedestrians for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.
The models were developed for the Vancouver Organizing Committee to assist in the planning of the Olympic Transportation Network and the management of demand during the Games.
The modeling helped to identify the need for Olympic Lanes, special traffic management, and enforcement required for pedestrians near the primary event venues in downtown Vancouver.
In addition, the modeling provided an overview of traffic operations in the region as Olympic traffic moved between the city and mountain venues.
After observing the Games, the Host City stated that the modeling was essential for the planning and the pedestrian modeling especially provided critical information. Based on observations and some traffic and pedestrian data collected during the Games, the Host City believed the pedestrian modeling was ~80% accurate and attributed the 20% difference to an underestimation of the non-event visitors to the City. One corridor resulted in a 95% accuracy of predicted pedestrian flows during the Games.

Software & modules used: PTV Visum (using DUE)