• High speed rail in Huangshan:assessing pedestrian flows

    High speed rail in Huangshan:
    assessing pedestrian flows

T.Y.Lin: Huangshan North Station

Project title:
Huangshan North Station square and road engineering design of Huangshan’s new high-speed rail area

Contracting Authority: T.Y. Lin International
Contractor: Huangshan District Development & Investment Co, Ltd.
Project duration:
3 months

Project description:
The total population of Huangshan city, Anhui province, is projected to reach 1.63 million in 2030. In order to provide the growing population with appropriate infrastructure, the city will be connected to the Beijing-Fuzhou high-speed railway by the North Station, a new high-speed rail station.

The city's North Station covers a 40,000-square-meter area with a 4–story building, 16 platforms and 22 rail lines.

PTV Vissim was used to model the station area and station-related traffic lanes. The simulation of pedestrian flows around the square, the railway station and the surrounding public transport facilities was conducted in PTV Viswalk.

Multi-modal base models of the existing transport network were first created, calibrated and validated and then tested to assess the impact of changes on the designed traffic solutions.

Software & modules used: PTV Vissim, PTV Viswalk


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