• Safer Roads in Tanzaniawith PTV Visum Safety

    Safer Roads in Tanzania
    with PTV Visum Safety

TU Graz & ROC: Road Safety Information System for Tanzania


Project title:
Road Accident Information System (RAIS) in the Republic of Tanzania

Contracting authority:

  • The United Republic of Tanzania, Ministry of Works

Branch/sector: Public Authority

  • ROC GmbH, Austria
  • Graz University of Technology

Project description:

On behalf of the Ministry of Works the Austrian consultancy ROC with support of Graz University of Technology is setting up a Road Accident Information System (RAIS) in the Republic of Tanzania. Consultancy work includes designing a suitable road crash database and Geographical Information System for easy data access of road crashes. The project team develops a suitable process accompanied by mobile netbooks for on-site crash data reporting. Blackspot analysis and road network based crash data analysis will be done using PTV Visum Safety, which is now  installed in Dar-el-Saalam. Visum Safety will also be applied for data analysis of weigh stations and speed enforcement areas. Since RAIS is an ongoing project, data entry will follow.

Software & modules used: PTV Visum Safety
Further information:

Graz University of Technology

Road Accident Information System

RAIS Link Network with Enforcement Stations
RAIS Road Network