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    Arrive faster in La Paz
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TRANTER: Assessment of BRT stations for La Paz


Project title:
Assessment of BRT stations for La Paz Mass Transit system

Contracting authority:
Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA)

Branch/sector: Public Authority

TRANTER Consultores

Project duration: 6 months

Project description:
PTV Vissim was used to analyze the operation of high demand stations as part of the planning stage of a BRT corridor in La Paz city. The impact of stations saturation levels on the operational speed of the BRT corridor and queue length formation were analyzed with a microsimulation model.
The study has shown that the commercial speed of a single lane BRT corridor would not be reduced considerably when the saturation level is below 45%.  If saturation levels rise above 45%, then the commercial speed of the BRT system would be reduced significantly. Simulation with Vissim has also shown that providing a double lane corridor, or an overtaking lane at stations, would increase the threshold up to 60% for which the level of service can be considered acceptable.
The results of the study have being taken for the final design of La Paz BRT system.

Software & modules used: PTV Vissim, PTV Viswalk
Further information:
TRANTER Consultores, www.tranterconsultores.com

TRANTER Consultores

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