• New metro bus systemalong Caldaro - Bolzano

    New metro bus system
    along Caldaro - Bolzano

TPS: Metrobus Oltradige Bolzano


Project title:
Professional support for the feasibility study of the project “Metrobus Oltradige Bolzano 1”, Bolzano, Italy

Contracting authority:

Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

Public Authority
: TPS Italia

Project description:
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano plans to establish a metro bus system along the corridor Caldaro-Bolzano. TPS was commissioned to undertake a performance analysis concerning the measures taken for the priorization of public transport vehicles along this corridor.

Analysis method:

  • Traffic counts
  • Microsimulation with PTV Vissim


  • Construction of a network (links and connections)
  • Definition of the priority rules
  • Definition of the travel speeds within the network (desired speeds and reduced speed areas)
  • Application of routes and flows from the detected data (from both private and public transport data)
  • Insertion of public transport stops

Functional test of alternatives:

  • Geometric and functional plans: Generation of geometric and functional plans of the projects for the reorganization of the intersections (or complex nodes) giving priority to the Metrobus vehicles, along the route Caldaro -Merano/Mendola crossroads. The choice was made among several alternatives, based on indicators that had been previously calculated by the microsimulation in PTV Vissim.

Splitting into 3 subsystems:

  • Caldaro - Pianizza
  • Maxi Mode - KreuzWeg - Appiano Stazione - intersection to San Paolo
  • Pillhof - Me-Bo -Ponte Adige crossroads - Lungodegenti -Merano-Mendola crossroads.

Calculation of indicators (travel times) on the three subsystems, thus on the whole route

Software & modules used: PTV Vissim

TPS Transport Planning Service