• Colombia's toll roadsassessed by PTV Visum

    Colombia's toll roads
    assessed by PTV Visum

Louis Berger: Traffic study for toll concession in Colombia


Project title:
Traffic study for toll concession of the “Highways for Prosperity”, Colombia.

Contracting authority:

Shikun & Binui-Grodco

Branch/sector: Public Authority

Louis Berger

Project duration: 4 months

Project description:
Louis Berger has been contracted to carry out a traffic study for awarding one of the sections of the "Highways for Prosperity" between the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Antioquia, in Colombia. The overall project included an investment of 1.18 bn, 143.5 km of highway construction, 231.5 km to be used and maintained, 3 tunnels and 26 bridges.

The study presented the challenge of including three toll points, two new and one relocated, with the special feature that the payment of one of the tolls is conditional upon the other two. The traffic model carried out, was based on the existing and planned transportation network with a generation/attraction model suited to the local environment. This included the analysis of external factors, sensitivity planning and the induction that the actions entailed.

PTV Visum was used for the tolls with the “TRIBUT toll model” module, which allows the route selection of the assignment to be calculated based on two criteria: cost and time, with the "Matrix toll” type which performs calculations by areas and makes it simple to incorporate changes into the conditions.

Project results:

  • Study of traffic with dependent tolls, change of parameters and sensitivity studies.

Software & modules used:
PTV Visum,
TRIBUT module

Further information:

Louis Berger,
Mariano Rodriguez, Planning Division Manager, mrodriguezping@louisbergerpong.com

Louis Berger