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Idom: Feasibility study for linking tram lines


Project title:
Alternatives for penetrating and linking up the Barcelona tram networks

Contracting authority:


Branch/sector: Public Authority

Collaboracion between ATM and Idom

Project duration: 4 months

Project description:

The tram system in Barcelona is composed of two distinct networks (Trambaix and Trambesòs), each of which is 15km long. These two networks, which function completely independently, were commissioned in spring 2004 with no connection between them.
The aim of this study is to assess demand which can be attracted and the urban integration of the three possible alternatives: 1.- passing via Diagonal 2.- Urgell-Gran track 3.- Provença.
The tasks to be carried out consist primarily in calibrating the collective public transport system in the current scenario, year 2010, with the available supply and demand data, and carrying out a prognosis for the future scenario: year 2020. The mobility matrices and their projections are calculated on the basis of the integrated tariff system data and available urban planning information.

Project results:

  • The results of the model confirm that the three alternatives offer a strong potential demand, with indicators of up to 200,000 beneficiaries.
  • The Diagonal alternative is the shortest route (lowest cost) and has the lowest demand.
  • The results of the model are consistent with other studies which have been conducted.
  • As a result, the community benefit of the project is very high.


Software & modules used:
PTV Visum
: lift-down, demand for line and service, demand for stops, flow bundle, etc.

Further information:

Idom, www.idom.com & ATM www.atm.cat