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Idom: Extension of rail services Arenys de Mar-Blanes


Project title:
Doubling of the Arenyz de Mar-Blanes (R1) track

Contracting authority:

Branch/sector: Public Authority

Contractor: Idom

Project duration: 6 months

Project value: 7.200 Euro

Project description:
The R1 commuter line near Catalonia has a double track between the stations L'Hospitalet and Arenys de Mar, and a single track between Arenys de Mar and Maçanet-Massanes. The increased mobility in this corridor (Maresme region) has made us consider doubling the track to Blanes over a route of approximately 25 kilometres. This would enable increased capacity on this stretch and greater traffic volume.
The objective of this study is to evaluate the demand which would be attracted by doubling the track and calculate the time that it would save. No analyses of alternatives are under way.
The tasks to be carried out mainly consist in calibrating the collective public transport system in the current scenario, year 2010, with the available supply and demand data, and analysing the demand which would be attracted for two future scenarios, 2020 and 2030, on the basis of existing urban planning forecasts and the various supply scenarios proposed.

Project results:

  • The results of the model have helped us to determine that, regardless of the scenario (variations in passage frequency), increases in demand are limited.
  • These results confirm what previous studies had indicated in a less detailed form.
  • As a result, the community benefit of the project is not very high.

Software & modules used:
PTV Visum: line demand, passengers boarding/alighting per station, OD matrices, flow bundles. Matrices: Journey Time, Ride Time, Perceived Journey Time

Further information:

Idom, www.idom.com, ATM-MIFO www.atm.cat