• Wildfire evacuation: Colorado Springs counts onPTV Visum

    Wildfire evacuation:
    Colorado Springs counts on
    PTV Visum

HDR: Colorado Springs Wildfire Evacuation


Project title:
City of Philly Modeling Multi-Modal Evacuation with Visum DUE

Contracting authority:

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Branch/sector: Public Authority

Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP / PTV America Inc.

Project duration:
1 month

Project description:
PTV Visum was used to model evacuation of Philadelphia City Center. The model consisted to evacuation planning for autos, pedestrians and transit. PTV America worked in collaboration with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP to develop and implement this multi-modal evacuation model. PTV America was tasked with implementing special features in the network model using Visum-Python and assist in parameter settings for the assignment subroutines. The key tasks involved:

  • Two-way sidewalk capacity calculation python script for adapting the DUE model for pedestrians
  • Model ped-vehicle interaction (turn capacity and inundation)
  • Time-varying intersection control python script
  • Troubleshooting the DUE assignment and assisting with interpretation of results and model parameters

The above tasks were completed in full and related python scripts and other deliverables were delivered to DVRPC.

Software & modules used:
PTV Visum – Dynamic User Equilibrium Assignment

Further information:
HDR Engineering, Inc.

HDR Engineering, Inc.