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Ewp AG Effretikon: Hardbrücke Zürich


Project title:
Hardbrücke tram and cycle connection

Contracting authority:

Zurich City Civil Engineering Office

Branch/sector: Public Authority

ewp AG Effretikon

Project duration:

Tram connection technical transport analysis: 2009 / Cycle connection technical transport analysis 2014

Project description:
Hardbrücke in Zurich ranks among the most important inner-city connections in the Swiss metropolis. Some 70,000 vehicles cross the 1,350 metre long bridge every day. It also serves as a crossover point for public transport. The bridge has two trolleybus lines with several stops and is connected to the S-Bahn and tram network, as well as to Zurich Hardbrücke railway station.
For better access to the key development area of Zurich West, Hardbrücke is set to have a new tram and new cycle connection in the future.
ewp AG Effretikon were commissioned to examine the repercussions on traffic of the renovation plans using traffic flow simulation. The crossovers of the PrT access and exit ramps by the new tram and bicycle connections were particularly challenging, since they needed to be equipped with system controls and be performance tested.
The priority variants were depicted in PTV Vissim. To give preference to trams, as desired, signal controls were implemented using traffic-volume-dependent programming (VAP). With the use of traffic flow simulation, it could be demonstrated how the need for the new tramlines to cross the private traffic lanes, and also the node renovation, would not cause any performance setbacks. This negated any general criticism about the project. The analysis for the additional cycle paths is still in progress.
Using the Vissim simulation, the complex consequences of the new tram connection on traffic flow in the important inner-city axis of Hardbrücke could be analysed clearly and reliably. The simulation was made into a film and presented to various panels. In this way, it enabled a board of specialists and authorities to be brought on board, who had been critical of the project at the outset.

Software & modules used:
PTV Vissim

Further information:
ewp AG Effretikon

ewp AG Effretikon