• Focus oncyclists' behaviour

    Focus on
    cyclists' behaviour

COWI: Cyclists in peak hour traffic


Project title:
Microsimulation of cyclists in peak hour traffic, Copenhagen, Denmark

Contracting authority:
City of Copenhagen

Branch/sector: Public Authority
Project duration:
5 months, 05-09/2012

Project description:
As part of the large-scale scheme "Cykelflow", the City of Copenhagen has begun a series of initiatives and analyses designed to increase cycling capacity. The aim was to reduce the overall travel time on the busiest bicycle paths in Copenhagen.

In this regard, the City of Copenhagen has asked COWI to investigate the possibility of representing the behavior of cyclists in peak hour traffic in a microsimulation model. In order to represent obtain truly realistic results, this investigation was conducted by means of the micro simulation software PTV Vissim.

The focus of this project was to represent the capacity and behavior related to cyclists as accurately as possible. The project had two main focus points, one was to collect, process and study data. The other was to translate the results from the data collection into updated and validated parameters that can be used to simulate cyclists as realistically as possible in Vissim.

During the project, full-scale field experiments were carried out, such as green waves, improved waiting zones and marked lanes for overtaking (fast lane/comfort lane).

In the "Microsimulation of Cyclists in Peak Hour Traffic" guide, COWI has compiled all information on configuring parameters for bicycle traffic. This  guide is available free of charge, on request from traffic.marketing@ptvgroup.com.

Software & Modules Used: PTV Vissim & PTV Viswalk