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Aurecon: Rwanda Strategic Transport Master Plan


Project title:
Preparation of a Strategic Transport Master Plan for Rwanda

Contracting authority:

  • Rwanda: Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA), Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA)

Branch/sector: Public Authority
: Aurecon
Project duration:
20 months

Project description:

The Government of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) and Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), identified the need for the development of a Strategic Transport Master Plan in order to provide full planning direction for all transport issues of national and international importance (medium and long term).
The aim of the Transport Master Plan was to carry out a comprehensive review of the management and planning of the transport sector to enable and facilitate a planning process through which the respective policy initiatives can begin to come into operation in line with specific planning schedules. The development of a Transport Master Plan will assist in achieving the Government's goal of gaining modern transport infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring sustainable economic growth and developing eco-friendly, safe and seamless integrated multimodal transport systems for passenger and goods at both a national and regional level.
Aurecon’s scope of works included the development of a transport model (PTV Visum). The purpose of the model developed for the Rwanda Strategic Transport Master Plan was to provide assistance with regard to strategic transport decisions. The focus of the model was therefore on the movement of persons and goods between major towns in Rwanda and between neighbouring countries. The model was developed in two separate components, a passenger component and a freight component. The goal of this multimodal model was be to identify the optimum modes and routes of transport for the estimated passenger and freight movements within the region and Rwanda.

Software & modules used: PTV Visum
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