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Aurecon: Madinat Jumeirah Resort TIA


Project title:
Madinat Jumeirah Resort Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)

Contracting authority:

  • Mirage Mille Leisure & Development, on behalf of High Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ra

Branch/sector: Private Authority
: Aurecon
Project duration:
126 months

Project description:

A traffic impact assessment (TIA) was undertaken for the Madinat Jumeirah Resort by using micro-simulation software to determine the impact and propose solutions to address traffic demand.
The TIA study was undertaken to establish the effect the proposed Madinat Jumeirah Resort would have on traffic within its sphere of influence. The most critical combination of trips was used to determine the impact, mitigation measures, and to propose solutions to address the expected demand. Finer details were evaluated using PTV Vissim, a micro-simulation software package, and to verify operational aspects critical to the working of the access to the site. Capacity and level of service were also determined with the use of Signalised and Unsignalised Intersection Design and Research Aid (SIDRA). The accommodation of public transport was simulated to ensure that on-site traffic conditions do not influence the adjacent road network.

Software & modules used: PTV Vissim
Further information:

Madinat Jumeirah Resort