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    PTV Vissim envisions
    strategic port planning

Atkins: Khalifa Port


Project title:
Khalifa Port Industrial Masterplan, UAE

Contracting authority:
Abu Dhabi Ports Authority

Branch/sector:  Public Authority
Contractor: Atkins
Project duration: 18 months

Project description:
Located strategically between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Atkins delivers masterplanning for the Areas A and B of the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). Stretching over 417 sq km, the Atkins infrastructure team provides design input into the area’s secondary infrastructure for major elements of the masterplan. Area A is expected to attract heavy industries that can benefit from proximity to Khalifa Port and its ability to handle raw materials.

PTV Vissim was used to model the 50 sq km area covered by Area A of the KIZAD Masterplan as well as the adjacent E11 Highway which links Abu Dhabi to Dubai. The objective of the Vissim modelling work was to test the proposed highway infrastructure within the site as well as its interface with the existing highway network. The project was particularly challenging given the scale of the area to be modelled and the sheer number of roads and junctions as well as the number of zones.

The model was constructed to reflect the first iteration of the road network design, using origin-destination matrices taken from a macroscopic model and loaded into Vissim using the dynamic assignment module. Through a combination of monitoring network operations and analyzing the Level of Service (LoS) from the model output, the network was refined and retested. Through this iterative process, a final proposed network was developed which was coordinated with all of the appropriate parties. It is now under construction.


Software & modules used: PTV Vissim & dynamic assignment module
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