• Barcelona regionrelies on PTV Visum

    Barcelona region
    relies on PTV Visum

AIM: Scaling road infrastructure in the Barcelona region


Project title:
Traffic studies for scaling road infrastructure

Contracting authority:
Ayesa – Censa (engineering joint venture) for the Catalan government

Public Authority
Contractor:  Assesoria d'Infraestructures i Mobilitat S.L. (AIMSL)

Project duration:
12 months, 2013-2014

Project description:
The C-17 currently has daily congestion in the second ring road around Barcelona, specifically at Mollet del Vallès and Parets del Vallès.
To increase the route capacity and improve the area's links with other priority routes, the Catalan government has started proceedings to extend the road.
The main road being studied is a 10 km section of the C-17 with various prominent connections to other priority roads, such as the AP-7, C-33 and the future Via Interpolar.
Based on the current journey matrix in Catalonia and appropriate adjustments to achieve the detail required for studying the scope of this work, a traffic simulation of the area's road network has been created.
The specific objective has been to scale the infrastructure and the connections located in the area; the complication lies in maintaining a good level of service for the C-17, C-33 and AP-7 motorways, which have a traffic volume of over 200,000 vehicles daily.

Software & modules used: PTV Visum

Further information: Assessoria d’Infraestructures i Mobilitat (AIM)

Assessoria d’Infraestructures i Mobilitat (AIM)