Validate: Transportation model and provider of traffic data

At present, Validate is one of the world's largest transportation models. The calibrated model, with the capacity to make forecast calculations, contains information on car and truck volumes across the entire German main road network and also shows the rest of Europe. Validate lets you extract a desired part of the model, providing the ideal foundation for local or regional analyses which would usually be too costly or time-consuming if an individual transportation model had to be purpose-built.

Furthermore, Validate can be used as a valuable data provider thanks to its far-reaching mass traffic data. With its ability to make forecasts, it is well-suited to transportation studies to assess the effects of infrastructure measures. What's more, the model enables you to carry out thorough location analysis. The assignment calculation with PTV Visum also delivers route information– the model doesn't just provide information about the number of vehicles passing through a particular location; it also tells you where they have come from, where they are going to and which route they take. This produces valuable conclusions that enable you to evaluate potential locations for new shops or advertising sites.

Use cases:

  • The creation of sub-models to enable the fast, low-cost production of regional or local transportation models
  • Use in traffic analyses and forecasts, for example when evaluating infrastructure measures or predicting toll revenue
    • Location analysis and evaluation, as well as accessibility analyses, e.g. for industrial parks
    • Provision of traffic congestion data, e.g. for environmental analyses such as noise and emission mapping
    • Realistic calculation of travel times for dynamic route planning

    Validate modules:

    • Validate Basis
      Attributed model of the main road network
    • ADTw Traffic Volumes
      Car and truck volumes (assignment results in the basis network)
    • ADTw demand
      Demand matrices for cars and trucks, including Validate traffic zones

      • Validate.Dynamic
        Speed data, demand data and more for all days of the week (resolution 15 min. /1 hour) in the basis network
      • Detailed network extension
        Supplements the Basis module with subordinate network


      Ready-to-use transportation model

      Get the advantage of efficiency by relying on a complete transportation model that you can start using straight away for thorough analyses. The use of pre-generated data tailored to your desired area, which will display all relevant origin, destination and through traffic flows relieves traffic planners of many model development preparative tasks and enables to focus on the core tasks.

      Up-to-date and complete

      Rely on outstanding quality. The Validate transportation model is based on map data which is updated continuously. Structural and calibration data is updated with every annual release. With its standardised and nationwide consistent methodology Validate delivers modelling results and comprehensive traffic volume data which can be compared across regions and which are tried and tested, having already been used many times for public and commercial projects.

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      Factsheet Empirical Speed Data