Map data designed for use in PTV Vision Traffic Software products

Map data is the basis of every transportation network and it strongly affects the quality of a transportation model. The more precise and wide-ranging the mapping data is, the better the opportunities for differentiation will be in the model. The PTV Group provides you with pre-attributed maps tailored to your needs, which are ideally suited for immediate use with PTV Visum. Our products use high-quality commercial map data from TomTom© and HERE©, as well as freely available OpenStreetMap data. This creates ready-to-use, self-contained routable networks, which are enhanced according to customer requirements with a wide range of additional attributes. These include, for example, information on road classifications, speed limits, number of lanes, land use or points of interest (POI). Users can thus use the finished maps as network basis in PTV Visum quickly and with no additional steps, leaving them free to spend their time on planning-based activities.

The consistency across the range of PTV Vision Traffic products means that you can also put the map data to a variety of other uses: for detailed, small-scale analysis, the strategic PTV Visum network can be exported without any loss of information at the click of a mouse to PTV Vissim, where it can be used for analysis on a microscopic scale.

Use cases:

The use of complete network models as:

  • a basis of data on which to create transportation models
  • a foundation for GIS-based data collection


Ready-to-use map data for PTV Visum

Build your model effectively in PTV Visum. Use map material which has been custom-built for you by the PTV experts as a thorough foundation network, suitable for immediate use with PTV Visum traffic planning software. The up-to-date, pre-attributed maps, tailored to your individual requirements, will save you time-consuming data research and network creation, giving you more time to dedicate to planning-based tasks.

Smooth data exportation to PTV Vissim

Use the model you created in PTV Visum to investigate results. With the PTV Vision Traffic Suite, you can export your strategic PTV Visum network without data loss to PTV Vissim, in order to carry out more detailed analyses using simulations.

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