Detailed speed and bottleneck information for roads worldwide

With a database of over 9 trillion anonymised GPS measurements, we can offer users of our software products in the PTV Vision Traffic Suite access to historic traffic data, provided by TomTom. The database contains empirically measured speed data for a total of over 40 countries worldwide. For a reasonable price, we can provide users with this information for your pre-selected regions, for immediate use in PTV Visum and PTV Vissim.

Individual database queries with TomTom Stats

The web platform offers direct access to historical travel times. As such, you can request data for any time on any specific day in the past years starting from 2008. The results can subsequently be imported directly into PTV Visum. You can make requests yourself or use the data which has already been imported into PTV Visum.

  • Custom Travel Times:
    Database query for custom-defined routes
  • Junction Search:
    Database query for all adjacent routes at of a complete junction
  • Custom Area Analysis:
    Area-wide database query for custom-defined regions

    TomTom Speed Profiles

    TomTom collects traffic and speed data in 26 countries covering a road network of more than 35 million kilometres and uses them to produce speed profiles. Specific speed profiles are produced for each weekday using the aggregate past measurements. Experts from PTV prepare these custom-built speed profiles for use in PTV Visum and use TomTom map data to create them for every available selected region.


    Wide-ranging data pool

    Benefit from a wide-ranging data pool of empirically measured historical travel times, which is available for a variety of countries worldwide and which dates back to 2008. The wide range of different data formats enables you to decide for yourself what meets your requirements best. Order exactly the data that is most relevant for you – either directly from the web portal or ready-imported into PTV Visum.

    Ready-to-use data for use with PTV Vision Traffic Software

    Benefit from increased efficiency by using pre-processed data by PTV Group, which is tailored to your individual requirements and adapted for direct use in PTV Visum and Vissim.