PTV Visum Use Cases


Network modelling, demand calculations, PuT assignment procedures and operations


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PTV Visum - Result of a PrT assignment
Result of a PrT assignment: Link bars correspond to volumes by user class Car and HGV, respectively

Transportation master plan

  • Import PrT and PuT networks from several sources (shape, DIVA, HAFAS, OpenStreetMap etc.) or build upon the navigation networks of Vision Traffic Data
  • Transparently calculate various demand models (4-step algorithm, Visem, Viseva) integrated in PTV Visum and perform reliable prognosis calculations based on well-founded demand modeling
  • Choose the appropriate assignment procedure and reduce deviations from count values using matrix correction techniques
  • Using the transport model to quantify scenario and action developments and prepare them for an analysis
  • Allow political representatives to take a comprehensive and reliable look into the future with the help of clear maps and tables
PTV Visum - results of line blocking
Schematic view of the results of line blocking: The color coding indicates different types of trips, e.g. service trip, empty trip. The view of line blocks represents one of the powerful options in the time table editor.

Public transport, planning and operations analysis

Any company offering public transport services has to check the cost-effectiveness of its services. This includes a detailed analysis of results by operator, line, ticket users and other features. PTV Visum provides a wide range of evaluation options and assists you in identifying potential cost savings.

  • Create a network with supply and demand data
  • Model the entire public transport supply by integrating the timetable in PTV Visum via the HAFAS or DIVA interfaces or other systems
  • Verify and complete route information by checking it against the timetable
  • Graphically depict individual routes and route sections
  • Graphically display route volumes by line
  • Flexibly update survey data with count data
PTV Visum - Road map
Road map: Display of links classified by road category

Construction and development of roads

  • Realistically model the actions in question based on a calibrated actual situation and reference case (zero case prognosis)
  • Create a data basis for economic analyses
  • Perform further investigations on the environmental impact (e.g. noise pollutions studies) within the framework of development planning
PTV Visum - junction editor
Display of signal timings in the junction editor: Stages are displayed by both bars and a schematic view of the stage sequence. Via a button the detailed junction calculation (ICA) can be triggered and results are saved to an Excel report.

Analysis of traffic engineering applications

PTV Visum is a versatile tool which can also be used for traffic engineering applications, including detailed analysis of intersections. All data is immediately available, for both microscopic (e.g. individual intersections) and macroscopic evaluations.  Typical applications range from realistic node impedance models included in the assignment procedure to automatic signal optimisation. Another great benefit is seamless integration with our traffic simulation software PTV Vissim.


Economic efficiency analysis

  • Display in detail the supply and demand of private and public transport in an integrated network
  • Optimize line networks, timetables and fleet operations
  • Analyze and optimize your public transport supply side from a business point of view
  • Conduct studies of sensitivity, risk and alternatives
  • Generate input data (skim data, demand data) for macroeconomic assessments
  • Draw up demand forecasts and use them to calculate future revenues for specific public transport lines or complete systems (e.g. calculation of tariffs)
  • Show the impact of the harmonization of tariffs
  • Model and calculate public transport stop and track charges
  • Adapt analyses and calculations to your requirements with the help of scripts
PTV Visum - Matrix editor
Options for synchronization between Matrix editor and network window: Marked OD pairs in the matrix editor are highlighted in the network view. Matrix values can be color coded depending on value range.

Development planning

  • model based forecast of supply and demand. This allows for realistic modelling and analysis of the traffic impact
  • create the data basis for analyses of economic viability and environmental impact
  • export the network model, transport demand and corresponding volumes to PTV Vissim.