Planning reliability for traffic safety

Create a paradigm change in traffic planning by considering the traffic safety component in your strategic decision-making from the very beginning. Based on crash data normally collected by the police, which can be imported and analysed easily in PTV Visum Safety, you can derive long-term, effective strategies for reducing the number of crashes at high risk sections and black spots, analyse multi-modal crash relations and thereby derive custom-tailored measures for individual road users – especially for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Collaborative work

Make traffic planning measures more effective by collaborating with organisations which normally work independently of one another, such as police authorities, local road authorities and traffic planners. When used in combination with PTV Vistad, a tool for crash data collection and validation, the strategic traffic planning software PTV Visum and the traffic safety planning tool PTV Visum Safety are designed to provide perfectly coordinated assessment and planning stages which fulfil the goal of safe, sustainable mobility.

User-friendliness & efficiency

Perform analyses to assess traffic safety in your network with just a few steps: Import crash data from various sources, including databases, MS Excel and text files, into PTV Visum Safety with a click of a button. PTV Visum Safety then visualises individual crashes or dangerous intersections and high-risk sections using clear and easy-to-understand heat maps. Filter individual crashes or crash clusters according to their characteristics and compare their development across different time periods. Last but not least, use PTV Visum Safety's sophisticated reporting functions to generate interactive statistics and crash analyses. 

Scientific approach

Rely on software which is based on decades of intensive research, close cooperation with police authorities, accident commissions as well as numerous NGOs, and which has been enhanced constantly. You thus have a stable analysis tool which always incorporates the latest scientific and practical insights and sets new standards.

Strong service

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