Best choice GIS tool for route search features at an affordable price

PTV Visum Data Analytics is a viable alternative to expensive GIS systems. Based on PTV Visum technology, it comes with valuable functionality to build up attributed network models and to visualize traffic-related and all other types of georeferenced data.

Easy operation due to lean and flexible software configuration

The intuitive GUI of PTV Visum Data Analytics enables users to quickly start with data integration – even without profound modeling background. Get started with PTV Visum Data Analytics and stay flexible. Extend the functionality of your product with the features you need.

One Stop Shop: Bundles of software and data provided by PTV Group make your analysis ready to start

Use our wide range of cost-effective and tailor-made traffic data designed specifically for use with our software products:

Map data. PTV Group provides you with pre-attributed maps tailored to your needs, which are ideally suited for immediate use with PTV Visum Data Analytics. Our products use high-quality commercial map data from TomTom© and HERE© as well as freely available OpenStreetMap data. This creates ready-to-use, self-contained routable networks, which are enhanced with a wide range of additional attributes according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Historical speed data. We enable our software customers to access the world’s largest traffic data sources. The GPS measurements provided by our partners INRIX, TomTom and HERE, contain empirically measured speed data for over 50 countries worldwide. Benefit from increased efficiency by using pre-processed data by PTV Group, already tailored to your individual requirements and adapted for direct use in PTV Visum Data Analytics.

Easily upgradeable to add public transport, safety or modelling functions

PTV Visum Data Analytics is based on PTV Visum and our profound expertise in the field of transportation planning. If you want to benefit from the wide range of PTV Visum functionalities, simply upgrade your PTV Visum Data Analytics tool to a full PTV Visum version and add further modules.

Cost-efficient option to expand your team of PTV Visum users

PTV Visum Data Analytics brings together PTV Visum users and GIS experts. Use PTV Visum Data Analytics to create one platform for GIS teams and modeling teams in order to harmonize your data exchange. For Visum users who need to increase the number of work stations for auxiliary tasks, PTV Visum Data Analytics offers a cost-efficient alternative to a full PTV Visum license.

Strong service

Become a member of our large international user community. Benefit from our skilled and dedicated support team, our professional services, detailed documentation and extensive training programmes, ensuring a high level of knowledge exchange.

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How do you turn Big Data into intelligence? In our new White Paper we show how new data sources can be used in transport modelling.

Free White Paper on Big Data

How do you turn Big Data into intelligence? In our new White Paper we show how new data sources can be used in transport modelling.

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