• PTV Optima 17:More open & easy than ever

    PTV Optima 17:
    More open & easy than ever

PTV Optima 17 Highlights

WebCam Layer Streaming Video

It is possible now to show and to capture live stream from traffic cameras in the Traffic Supervisor GUI.

New TRE dynamic assignment algorithm

It gives better and faster equilibrium convergence algorithm to produce Optima dynamic models

SCATS Interface

Data interface toward SCATS controllers to read traffic counts and traffic light status.

PuT ETA into Hyperpath

HyperPath journey planner module is now able to read Expected Time of Arrival on the Public Transport calculated by Optima.

Extended Data Fusion Engine

Optima Input/ouput API extended to accept lane based traffic counts.

Predefined Path API

We added an API to define corridors on which to calculate KPI, previously was possible only from the Traffic Supervisor GUI.

Improved User Defined Attributes Management

Improvement on Data Modelling flexibility.

E.g. Clients can calculate shortest path optimization for the journey planner by ANY desired custom attribute.

Hyperpath Alternative Paths

The cities can use HyperPath to propose alternative paths to their citizens for routing.

HERE Interface

PTV Optima is able to automatically read real-time speeds from HERE data provider.

OCIT-C Interface

We now support OCIT-C as a format for speed and flow input from detectors.

File-Based Licensing

Optima switched from dongle based license to file based license allowing now deploy on the cloud.

DATEX II Dutch Extensions & MSI Interface

Following a project in Netherlands, we now support special extension for the DATEX2 format and reading data from the Netherland MSI system (variable message sign).

OpenLR Optimization Calibration

OpenLR configuration for INRIX/TOMTOM interfaces has been made easier and more accurate.

Wildfly 10 Migration

More robust and reliable application server as backend for Optima.