• Who gives the green lightfor every road?

    Who gives the green light
    for every road?


User-friendly & efficient

Continually optimised switching for traffic lights at individual nodes, which reduces planning and data transmission costs. This saves you time and stops road users from waiting unnecessarily at red lights. PTV Epics also allows the integration of public transport prioritisation.

Perfectly integrated

Use PTV Epics to optimise your traffic lights from second to second at single nodes; PTV Balance for preparation and to coordinate traffic lights across multiple nodes; and PTV Vissim to perfectly calibrate and test both processes.

Reliable customer service

Become part of a large international community of users and benefit from an expert support team, professional customer service, comprehensive documentation, an extensive training programme, and user seminars and workshops which offer you intensive exchange of knowledge and constant dialogue.

Contact Headquarters

Phone: +49 721 9651-300
Email: infoping@vision.ptvgrouppong.com 

Further information

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