User-friendly & efficient

Create dynamic green waves without a lot of detailed planning and reduce waiting times, travel times, emissions and noise in your network.

Economically valuable

Use traffic-adaptive network control for your entire network and you'll get the green light for every road, without having to invest in expensive detectors additionally. Thanks to its model-based approach, PTV Balance can deliver the optimal framework signal plan even for road networks without extensive detection systems.

Perfectly integrated

Build on your existing PTV Visum demand model by connecting it to PTV Balance or use your PTV Optima to feed PTV Balance with real-time traffic data. Framework signal plans created in PTV Balance can easily be brought over into the PTV Vissim simulation environment for testing and calibration. What's more, PTV Balance is fully compatible with PTV Epics, which is a control instrument specially designed for single nodes that adapts signal control to individual vehicles.

Reliable customer service

Become part of a large international community of users and benefit from an expert support team, professional customer service, comprehensive documentation, an extensive training programme, and user seminars and workshops which offer you intensive exchange of knowledge and constant dialogue.

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