For transport planners: Universal transport planning software

Transport planner by PTV: Move traffic the efficient way with transport planning software

Transport planner: The intelligent transport planning software by PTV


Transport planning software solutions include a wide range of use cases. For:


  • the construction of new roads
  • efficient development planning
  • simulation of capacity bottlenecks


Transport planners are indispensable tools. PTV’s transport planning software allows problems involving financial and ecological issues as well as individual or public transport and the movement of pedestrians to be solved in the most professional way.


Construct and develop roads the smart way with transport planner


PTV transport planner supports engineers in their daily business of construction and development of roads. One of the major tasks of transport planning is the targeted extension and upgrade of networks. With PTV transport planner solutions like PTV Visum or PTV Vissim, planners can easily analyse road capacities as well as impacts on traffic flow and the environment. Classical use cases for transport planner are the construction of city bypasses and motorway upgrades.

Within the transport planner family, PTV Visum helps you to keep an eye on traffic. The transport planning software is a helpful tool for realistic modelling and analysis of the traffic impact. PTV Vissim keeps traffic flowing. This transport planner software simulates traffic and helps to recognize trouble areas.

Transport planner by PTV makes mass attendee events successful


As part of the transport planner family, PTV Viswalk  takes into account the needs of pedestrians. Optimised movement flow on big events is therefore guaranteed. The evacuation analysis helps to foresee problems and solve them before somebody gets harmed.This transport planner knows about the difference between cars’  and pedestrians’ movement behaviour and simulates it realistically.

Simple development planning with PTV transport planner suite


PTV transport planner solutions make development planning as simple as the traffic rules are themselves. PTV Visum transport planning software forecasts supply and demand in traffic. See the development yet while planning new roads and analyse the economic viability with transport planner PTV Visum. The transport planning software PTV Vissim considers especially the expected traffic volume and its impact. Transport planning with PTV Vissim allows therefore a simulation of motorways, public transport or pedestrian flow in the planning level. For development planning, PTV Vistro is the perfect evaluating tool out of the transport planner family. The perfect plan needs to contain an optimised concept based on PTV transport planner, to analyse future traffic impacts. The analysis of traffic flow, already in the conceptual phase, is one of the aims of PTV transport planner. 

Transport planner for investigative bottleneck analysis


The PTV transport planner solutions can also be applied for bottleneck analysis. PTV Visum  localises for example capacity bottlenecks in transport networks and quantifies the detour traffic caused by bottlenecks. With PTV transport planner, you get significant analysis results. So the need of measurements can be foreseen quickly. The transport planning software PTV Vissim helps to model queue lengths and delays. Analyse problems with PTV transport planner to eliminate bottlenecks in transport and traffic. An interesting fact of this PTV transport planner: It canalso be applied for pedestrians.

Toll system planning with PTV transport planner


Private roads are usually financed through toll. This requires an optimal estimation of costs and income for a long time period. With PTV Visum out of the transport planner suite, planning toll roads and depicting their impact on traffic behaviour can be accomplished easily. PTV transport planner solutions enable you to make a traffic prognosis for longer time periods. The transport planning software PTV Vissim provides the possibility of simulating infrastructure variants - an important economic factor in the toll system planning.

Transport planner by PTV: Get to know the transport planning software suite

  • Transport planner PTV Visum - Worldwide leading transport planning software.
  • Transport simulation with PTV Vissim - Highly realistic and detailed simulations.
  • PTV Viswalk pedestrian transport planner - Exact prediction for well planned movement.
  • PTV Vistro transport planning - Precise traffic analysis für better traffic flow.