Traffic flow analysis software for traffic optimisation

Traffic optimisation by PTV: Identify traffic demands for frictionless traffic flow

Corridor studies and traffic analyses for in-depth traffic optimisation

The global aim of traffic optimisation is to reduce travel times via traffic planning and traffic management. On the planning side, traffic flow analysis and corridor studies are the methods of choice. On the operational side, signal optimisation , traffic forecasting and a comparison of strategies help you to reach your goal.

Traffic impact analyses simplify traffic optimisation. A traffic flow analysis helps you to understand traffic impacts coming from new roads or construction projects. PTV Vistro is a tool that supports you with traffic flow analyses and impact studies as well as signal optimisation. It allows traffic optimisation to be realised even during the planning phase.

Traffic optimisation with traffic management solutions

Traffic optimisation also requires a link to active traffic management. PTV Optima allows you to identify traffic problems and their future impacts faster than real time. It enables you to actively optimise your traffic flows even before serious problems arise. The software forecasts traffic situations and helps you to compare different traffic strategies.

Additional demands or traffic signals are also considered for extensive traffic optimisation. PTV Vistro is the perfect tool for traffic flow analysis. It enables you to analyse trip generation as well as the distribution and assignment of traffic development. Its multiple scenario management offers further support for constructive traffic optimisation.

Traffic Impact Analyses are becoming increasingly used as a planning tool to predict the demands on the transportation network and mitigate any negative impacts. PTV Optima helps you compare different traffic strategies.

Ideal as well as sufficient parking facilities are important points in traffic optimisation

The search for parking spaces and various parking manoeuvres characterize urban traffic flow. Efficient planning of parking spaces in urban areas is essential for traffic optimisation. PTV Vissim allows you to simulate the search for parking spaces, the size of parking lots and their effects on parking operations.