• Argentina:Optimizing Public Transportwith PTV Visum

    Optimizing Public Transport
    with PTV Visum

IRVSA: Optimizing the Public Transportation System in the City of Viedma


Project title:
Optimisation of the Public Transport System in the City of Viedma

Contracting authority:

Unidad Provincial de Financiamiento Externo, Río Negro (External Finance Department for Rio Negro province)

Branch/sector: Public Authority

Ingeniería en Relevamientos Viales S. A. (IRVSA)

Project duration: 6 months

Project description:

The public road transport system for the city of Viedma in Río Negro province, Argentina, currently has very high land coverage, with an extremely dense network in the central zone. Although this benefits users, it entails high system operational costs. Authorities of the city of Viedma have identified the need to carry out a comprehensive transport planning study aimed at developing a public transport model that would optimise the current system.

The first PTV Visum model for the city of Viedma was developed to support the strategic decisions on how to optimise the system. The model provided was assembled from existing cartographic information and a travel origin/destination matrix was created on the basis of surveys conducted in the field and adjustment algorithms contained within the PTV Visum software.

The aim of this model was to identify the best transport routes for journeys of the city's public transport users. Then, on the basis of the PTV Visum model, it was possible to determine the effects on users and operators of implementing various optimisation strategies: changes to itineraries, restructuring routes and adjustments to service frequency.

This approach has revealed which transport system would best suit the city of Viedma.
It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that PTV Visum has been used in Argentinian Patagonia.

Software & modules used: PTV Visum
Further information:
  IRVSA www.irvsa.com.ar

Ingeniería en Relevamientos Viales S. A.

Public transport (bus) demand in Viedma
Bus desire lines
Bus stop in Viedma
City of Viedma from above