PTV Viswalk Use Cases

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Modelling railway stations, route choice and interaction between pedestrians and public transport

Use PTV Viswalk to analyze the effects of a station's architecture, such as pedestrian routes, escalators and elevators, on the route choice in a building. Combine the pedestrian simulation tool and the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim to model pedestrians as passengers interacting with public transport. In this way, it is possible to analyze how the behavior of passengers getting on and off the train affect the trains' dwell times and thus the entire public transport system. 

Interaction between pedestrians and motorized modes of transport

Pedestrians can influence the flow of traffic in multifarious ways. Combine PTV Viswalk and the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim to model the impact of pedestrian flows on vehicles.

By combining the two software components you can evaluate different traffic scenarios. For example, analyze the impacts of signal control systems at complex intersections on waiting time, and plan pedestrian crossings or adjust the infrastructure to the actual traffic and pedestrian volumes.

Urban planning Designing pedestrian-friendly cities

Against the backdrop of eco-friendly urban mobility and modern urban design, planners are increasingly aware of the significance of pedestrians and their specific requirements.

PTV Viswalk provides you with high-quality results which assist you in developing both pedestrian-friendly and eco-friendly cities. 2D and 3D visualization effects enable you to design realistic models of your construction project which can be presented to the public in a visually appealing way.

Capacity planning and alternative concepts for buildings

Benefit from pedestrian simulation to analyse capacity and use space efficiently. PTV Viswalk helps you to avoid bottlenecks and remove possible spatial barriers when planning new buildings and assessing the current condition of existing office space. Moreover, the tool allows you to compare costs and efforts for alternative planning. PTV Viswalk ensures you make maximum use of available floor or office space when designing large company buildings or shopping malls.

Validating event concepts in terms of safety

Attractive concepts validated in terms of safety are the basis for rock solid event planning which must also take the expected flow of pedestrians within a given infrastructure into consideration.

Visualize the flow of people based on the simulation results calculated by PTV Viswalk. The pedestrian simulation software can model any number of pedestrians and is thus the ideal tool for planning mass attendee events, such as concerts, festivals, Olympic Games and many more.

Evacuation analysis - Planning escape routes

Pedestrian safety is of paramount concern, in particular in public places. PTV Viswalk assists you in taking numerous structural and organzational measures aimed to reduce and control unmanageable behavior of people in emergency situations.

With the simulation tool you can analyze potential danger and plan ingress and egress flows in buildings, stadiums and other facilities to ensure safe pedestrian routes. Escape routes and evacuation scenarios in high-rise buildings and tunnels can also be quickly modeled in PTV Viswalk.