PTV Visum Functions

Network modelling

  • PrT and PuT supply side modelling in an integrated network
  • Modelling of numerous transport systems, modes of transport and user classes
  • User-defined object types and attributes for flexible data model adaptation
  • Sub-network generation
  • Distributed computing on several computers of single procedure steps or complete scenarios (dedicated Visum Engine available)

Demand calculations

  • 4-step model
  • Tour-based demand model (Visem)
  • Demand model with simultaneous distribution and mode choice calculation (EVA)
  • Nested demand model

PrT assignment procedures

  • Highly convergent and fast assignment procedures for realistic results
  • Simultaneous assignment of several user classes and flexible connector model (e.g. multi-point assignment)
  • Choice of several static assignment procedures e.g. including toll models and detailed node impedance models
  • Dynamic assignment procedures, dynamic user equilibrium (DUE) and dynamic stochastic assignment

 PuT assignment procedures and operations

  • Timetable-based assignment
  • Headway-based assignment
  • Line blocking
  • Modelling standard tariffs up to complex fare systems in one model
  • Line costing calculation

Traffic engineering

  • Detailed node impedance calculation in node editor (ICA)
  • Coding of various signal control (e.g. with Vissig, RBC)
  • Signal optimization for green time, cycle time, and offset time
  • Interface to PTV Vissim micro simulation

Create analyses and reports

With PTV Visum you can easily create convincing analyses, statistics and reports. In detail you can depict the following examinations:

  • Scenario comparison
  • Matrix histograms
  • Flow bundle calculation
  • Interactive shortest path search
  • Isochrones
  • Environmental analyses (noise, emissions)
  • Analyses of accident data


  • COM: interface for script-based applications
  • PuT interfaces to timetable systems, e.g. Google Transit Feed, HAFAS, VDV 452, DIVA, railML®
  • Export interfaces, e.g. Shape files, SVG
  • Import interfaces, e.g. Shape files, OpenStreetMap, SATURN, TransCAD, Emme, CUBE

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