Emissions Modelling

Emissions are becoming ever more important in traffic studies. In this case, both network-wide total volumes and local volumes (Hot Spot Analysis) are relevant. Using the add-on module EnViVer, which is based on the VERSIT+ exhaust emissions model from TNO, it is possible to determine pollutant emissions based on vehicle trajectories and other information from PTV Vissim.

It is primarily the validity of the speeds and accelerations of the separate vehicles that is crucial for good quality emissions modelling. With PTV Vissim, these can be exported as individual vehicle trajectories to vehicle record files which can be imported into EnViVer for further analysis. Vehicle types are used to assign additional properties such as fuel type or pollutant class to each vehicle in EnViVer.

EnViVer: Customizing vehicle fleets to adjust emission model to local conditions.

In EnViVer, detailed calculations of CO2, NOx and PM10 emissions in the area being studied are prepared in graphical or tabular format for an easy-to-understand result. Furthermore, users have the option of generating different views of the analyses – whether representation of the total sum or different types of emissions for the entire network or as heat maps, which indicate the spatial distribution of the emissions. On this basis, various traffic planning or management strategies can be studied in the simulation for their emissions-reducing factors and compared with each other.

Emissions modelling based on PTV Vissim output: EnViVer graphical user interface with emission heat map, vehicle speed profile and acceleration distribution plot.