Active Traffic Management

Active Traffic Management measures can be employed in both motorways and urban areas to increase the quality of traffic. Traffic engineers can intervene in traffic on a selective, section-based or network-wide level. The objective is to avoid or prevent traffic jams. Using PTV Vissim, it is possible to model all operational interventions and to assess their effect on the overall traffic flow.

Variable speed limits and hard shoulder release

Different lane control systems can be represented in PTV Vissim and studied with respect to the effect on traffic. Examples include traffic-actuated speed limits, ban on passing for heavy goods vehicles or traffic jam warnings. The temporary release of hard shoulders can also be simulated.

Active Traffic Management in PTV Vissim: Integrated simulation of variable speed limit and temporary use of hard shoulder.

Ramp metering

If congestion in the main lane becomes apparent at an on-ramp, managing the admission of traffic may be an appropriate strategy. With VAP, the add-on module VisVAP and COM, users can test different control algorithms and identify the best strategy and optimal switching threshold values.

Stationary routing and individual route guidance

The effect of systems affecting route choice, such as variable message signs and navigation systems, can also be simulated. For example, both traffic-actuated and pretimed variable message signs with varying degrees of compliance can be simulated at motorway junctions. Individual vehicle types can be equipped with different guidance systems. In this case, intervals can be defined for which the routes to the destination are determined based on the current traffic situation.

Car2X applications

Car2X applications allow communication with other vehicles or with the infrastructure. Thanks to them, interventions in the vehicle movement should be possible in the future. Focusing on this new technology in the field is a costly endeavour: it is usually not possible to equip large enough vehicle fleets which would represent a relevant percentage of the overall traffic. Simulation with PTV Vissim offers a cost-effective alternative. Using COM, it is possible to model Car2X systems and evaluate any type of intervention and its influence on traffic.